GMS Commercial Group

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About Us

GMS Commercial Group - is an international company, that provides advanced solutions for a wide range of industries. Our company is engaged in different areas of business - from attracting financial capital for project advancements, to the commercialization of innovations, developed by individual researchers and technological institutes. The company pays great attention to developments in various fields of science and technology.

GMSiDEAS Project

GMS Commercial Group founded GMSiDEAS project to provide technical solutions and deliver an innovative approach to problem solving through the commercialization of effective scientific and technical developments from leading experts.

Using our partnership with researchers, scientists and academic institutions, we offer an opportunity for manufacturers, municipal and private organizations to reduce costs, increase efficiency, obtain a competitive advantage and reduce environmental impact via the introduction of innovative technologies in the following industries:

  • Engineering
  • Energy
  • Medicine and Biotechnology
  • Environmental Safety
  • Computer Applications

Primary goal of GMSiDEAS project is to be the tech-hub that endourses the cooperation between researchers, developers, end users of high technologies and potential investors.

Our Mission is to deliver innovative and new technologies to companies and organizations that open avenues necessary to conduct profitable operations.

Our company has developed a unique system, by which we assess the potential commercial opportunities of each new technology or idea. We carefully study each innovative proposal and conduct a detailed market study to find opportunities for commercialization. The next stage is the assessment of the selected technology, its promotion and entering the consumer market.

Our methods are cost-effective and transform low or underperforming IP into sources of revenue. Our goal is to realize the maximum economic and industrial potential of innovative technologies and establish the best ways to generate income for all involved parties.