Using our broad ties in the scientific community, our company provides a vast range of opportunities for manufacturing companies,institutional and private investors in the acquisition and advancement of new technologies as well as the development of existing customer service businesses.

Innovative Technologies

GMS iDEAS offers technologies that are innovative, efficient and that could possibly change the way we do things on a day to day basis.

Technology Audit

The aim of our technology audit is to evaluate the capacity of firms and organizations to integrate new technologies, work with technological partners and better define what they need to successfully integrate these technologies into the company.

Technology Promotion

At GMS iDEAS we believe that even the smallest ideas can bear fruit to a brighter future. With that in mind, we welcome all developers and researchers to joing our Imagine, Create, and Innovate Team (ICIT) on it's peprpetual strive for Scientific Breakthroughs that make a difference.


GMS iDEAS funds, develops and commercializes an intellectual property developed by technology partners in the academic, private and public sectors. Our systematic process enables proven experienced management to be deployed right from the start-up of our ventures.

Tech Needs

Let GMS iDEAS help you find the technology you are looking for. If you are tired of running around in circles, and are serious about your aquiring your techonology needs, then let us work together to meet them..

  • Opportunities
    Integration of innovations through the development and advancement of technologies and technological solution.

  • Innovative technologies
    Access to resources of thousands patents and innovative products.

  • Technology Audit
    We offer an opportunity to reduce costs, increase efficiency and obtain a competitive advantage.
  • Technology Promotion
    We help researchers and developers to integrate their scientific inventions and developments into the world market.

  • Investment
    We focus on the commercialization of technologies and the development of technology based industries.

  • Tech Needs
    Let us help you find the technology you are looking for.