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Frequently Asked Questions


How do you promote and finance new technologies and ideas ?

First of all, we choose the most promising new tech - developments and ideas via market research and expert opinion from our top specialists. We then proceed to find avenues of commercialization using our ties in the various industries.

Can you guarantee product advancement and success ?

We carefully consider each proposal and conduct a detailed market research and indentify commercialization opportunities, so success is not only determined the avenues that we choose to advance and promote new technologies, but by the quality of and practicality of the technology in everyday life.

What is required of the developer ?

For the effective promotion of the technology, we require technical and economic characteristics, as well as, promotional materials that will assist to in doing a market research and finding the most advantageous option for commercialization.

What about Copyright Protection ?

All that we require from the developer is the enough information that allows us to conduct a market research for commercial development. All know-how, unless agreed upon otherwise, is not disclosed.

What else does your company do ?

We also offer Investment management, tech-consulting and international trade services.

Where can I find a representative ?

Our main office is located in Hong Kong, but we have a network of agents and representatives in China, South America, Russia and Germany.
You can contact us here.

How much it all cost?

Each project is treated and assessed individually. It all depends on the object of commercialization or audit. We can participate as co-founders of a start-up, as representatives for the developer, investors, or as consultants. Therefore, our income is varies with each project.

A typical project is executed as follows:

1. We conduct a marketing analysis of new potential innovative products and ideas, which may be useful to our clients;

2. Accordingly promote potential technologies via media and other mediums, and proceed to work with interested parties and organizations;

3. We look for an approach to integrate these technologies into our client's business by performing a Systematic Technology Audit. If the feedback is positive, we arrange and coordinate further collaboration.

Please contact us, if you have an inquiry or need more information about a product or service.