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In 2010, GMS Commercial Group launched the GMSiDEAS project, a program that seeks to recognize new and original ideas, actionable solutions that can help different ways of industry obtain new technologies and find high-yield investment opportunities.

Our technology scouting process entails - recruiting talented scientists, engineers, collaborating with leading academic institutions and research partners, and developing promising technologies via early stage venture investments. Our systematic process enables proven experienced management to be deployed right from the start-up of our ventures.

We realize that there are inventions who's full value and potential have not yet been recognized by the market. By investing in these technologies early, we expect to be rewarded by the intrinsic value in the future, when the value of each project will be reflected in the market.

Using GMSiDEAS project we provide a comprehensive range of personalized investment management services related to technological sector.

We invite venture investors, as well as industrial companies and venture funds, to participate in commercialization of innovative technologies by investments in project developments.

Our methods are cost-effective and transform low or underperforming IP into sources of revenue. Our goal is to realize the maximum economic and industrial potential of innovative technologies and establish the best ways to generate income for all involved parties.

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