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Imagine. Create. Innovate.

  If you have an innovative idea or invention that you wish to advance on the global technological arena, you can turn to us for intensive promotion of your technology. We work with investors and industrial companies from around the world, who might be interested in what you have to offer.

At GMS iDEAS we believe that even the smallest ideas can bear fruit to a brighter future. With that in mind, we welcome developers and researchers to join our Imagine, Create, and Innovate Team. To become a member of the Team just send us a proposal. We will be happy to accept any proposal that complies with the principles of international law and which does not violate copyright.
Our Promotion Service is absolutely FREE.

You can send us a proposal via our E-mail:

Please, include in your message the following information:

  • Contact Details
  • Organization
  • Name of the Technology
  • Area of Use
  • Description
  • Stage of Development (theory, patent, industrial sample)
  • Advantages (price, functions, quality, safety, other)
  • Competition Analysis
  • Investment for Development
  • Approximate market price
  • Patent Existence

This allows us to consider your proposal more carefully and promptly.

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Using our experience we deliver a systematic model that ensures that you receive the most out of your technology, both financially and ethically. We provide the following:

- Patent assessment, technical and market risks, as well as, opportunities and avenues for commercializing new technology.

- Developing strategies for the introduction of new technology to the market.

- Strategic understanding of markets and market dynamics of applications for new technologies.

- Expertise and focused business intelligence aimed at determining potential customers of technology.

The timeframe usually depends on the product, its characteristics and the industries, in which it can be integrated into.

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  • Technology Description

    Please, provide us user related information about your invention (do not disclose your know-how)
  • (price, quality, functions, safety, economy)
  • (Theory, Patent, Industrial Sample)