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GMSiDEAS assists its clients in optimizing the value of their innovations by developing and implementing strategies to license their patents. The process includes evaluation of the licensing potential of the patent, development of an appropriate licensing strategy, and then implementation of the strategy. A typical assignment would be executed as follows:

Assess patent strength and applicable market segments.

Develop preliminary list of target licensee companies and determine level of interest through interactions with selected targets.

Develop licensing terms, presentation materials, and final list of target licensees.

Present licensing opportunity to target licensees.

Follow up with interested parties, and conclude license agreements as appropriate.

The value of technology is greatly enhanced by the availability of prototypes, or demonstration devices. In the Strategy Development phase, GMSiDEAS helps to produce a prototypes or seeks companies willing to test the technology and provide working prototypes in return for preferential licensing terms.

The timeframe usually depends on the product, its characteristics and the industries in which it can be integrated into. GMSiDEAS will assess each product and a time frame will be agreed on upon signing preliminary contracts.

GMSiDEAS conducts an analysis aiming at the evaluation of the technological capacity, procedures, and needs of an SME or an Organization, by identification of strong and weak points. The end result of this analysis provides us with concrete proposals - the action plan.

Definition of key
technology features

Identification of key features that have commercial advantageous values and applications.
Identification of impacting technologies
Determination of other technologies that could have a commercial impact on the new technology.
Advantages and disadvantages of current
vs. new technology

Determining strengths and weaknesses of new technology with regard to commercial application.
Summary evaluation
Overview of risks and opportunities, strengths and weaknesses of a new technology, plus recommendations
for optimizing.

The aim of our technology audit is to evaluate the capacity of firms and organizations to integrate new technologies and better define what they need to successfully integrate these technologies into the company.

More specifically, we make it possible to characterize your company's needs related to innovation from different points of view:

- Technological areas that need attention: automation, information, safety, packaging, etc.

- Functions / problems of general nature requiring innovative solutions: productivity, quality, energy, environment, flexibility, etc.

- Means for transferring technology, such as: training, partnerships for technological development, technical aid, etc.

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GMSiDEAS has a methodical system via which we evaluate the potential commercial feasibility of every new technology or product. The success of any business venture highly depends on the following factors:

- Knowledge of the competition in regards to patents and technologies.

- Awareness of any possible threats.

- Collaborating with respected business partners.

- Defining attainable goals and a working business model.

GMSiDEAS will address these issues by performing a comprehensive analysis, addressing strengths, weakness, and opportunities and consequently using obtained information to draft a strategy.

Our goal is realizing the maximum economic and industry potential of technologies and recommend the best revenue avenues to our clients. This process includes the following:

In addition:

- Identification of potential customers.

- Comparison of attributes of potential customers.