GMS Commercial Group

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Technological Needs


Using our partnership with researchers, scientists and academic institutions, we offer an opportunity for industrial companies to reduce costs, increase efficiency, obtain a competitive advantage and reduce environmental impact via the introduction of innovative technologies in the following industries:

  • Engineering
  • Energy
  • Medicine and Biotechnology
  • Environmental Safety
  • Computer Applications

Our primary goal is to be the tech-hub that endourses the cooperation between researchers, developers, end users of high technologies and potential investors.
Let GMSiDEAS help you find the technology you are looking for. If you are tired of running around in circles, and are serious about acquiring your technology needs, let us work together to meet them.

To offer the most optimal solution, we need the following information:

  • Area of business
  • Production
  • Equipment or Segment for Improvement
  • Current Effectiveness
  • Special Requirements
You can send your inquiries directly to our E-mail: