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Medicine & Biotechnology

Fast Regeneration of woundsA Substance for the Fast Regeneration of Wounds after Burns, Injuries, and Surgery.Medicine Non-Toxic Anticancer DrugsA Replacement for Chemotherapeutic Anti-Cancer Drugs It's Non-Toxic and Overcomes Cancer ResistanceMedicine Anticancer Drugs M-OligopeptidesIt has a wide spectrum of anti-viral activity, is non-toxic and does not cause resistance in the virus or the body.Medicine Physical fields sensorSensor for nondestructive testion of processes in variety of materials, including medical drugs.Equipment Anti-Viral Drugs New-Generation Anti-Viral Drug with Quick, Direct Effect, a Wide Spectrum of Activity and a Low ToxicityMedicine Laser 3D MicroscopeHolographic 3D MicroscopyMedicine Cancer Prediction Timely Prediction of the Occurrence of Cancer and the Elimination of That Threat.Medicine Cardiovascular TreatingA Method for the Treatment Cardiovascular Diseases Caused by AtherosclerosisMedicine Non-invasive glucose meterDevelopment of non-invasive portable blood glucose meter based on axion-spin fieldsMedicine New Principleof DiagnosticsA New Principle of Laboratory DiagnosticsThat Excludes the Use of Antibodies, DNA, and RNAMedicine Treatment of Malignant TumorsA Method for Increasing the Effectiveness of Treating Patients with Malignant TumorsMedicine Treatment of Severe PancreatitisA New Substance for the and Other PathologiesMedicine Prediction ofCardiovascular IllnessesA Diagnostic Method for the Control over the Treatment of Cardiovascular IllnessesMedicine Drugs Based on Quasi-Live SystemsThe Design and Synthesis of Drugs Based on Self-Organizing Quasi-Live SystemsMedicine Skin RejuvenationSubstances for the Rejuvenation and Restoration of Skin,Including after Surgical ProceduresMedicine Hydroxyaratite modifiedIt leads to an increase in the extracellular matrix and rapid mineralization of bone tissue. Medicine