Innovative Engine Design

Improvement of the acceleration dynamics. Reduction of the engine wear and great increase of the lifetime. Significant reduction of fuel consumption.

Synthetic Oil

Synthetic oil that meets international quality standards.Using crude oil, synthesized by this technology, there was already obtained such products as kerosene, gasoline, diesel fuel and bitumen.

Gas Analyser

It can detect up to 80 gases and cheaper than analogues. Also, it can be mounted on helicopters and unmanned aircraft.

Device for increasing of oil extraction

The hydrocarbon extraction rises up to 80% and more as a results of destruction of mudding complexes, permeability of the layer (k) rises in the productive zone.

Micromagnetic Generator

The main advantages of our version of the magnetic power generator are: Long life - up to 5 years and the ability to create a micro-generators with a weight of 10g.

Solid-state Batteries

The presented technology has not only long-term period of work, but also significantly reduces manufacturing energy costs. Period of continuous work - at least 10 years.